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Keep your carpet looking better and feeling comfortable for longer.

Choosing the right underlay can enhance the overall look and feel of your carpet or flooring.

Not only does it act as a shock absorber, it prolongs the lifespan by adding extra softness and warmth underfoot.

Whether you want cheap underlay or luxurious deep-step comfort, we are the BIGGEST stockist of underlay in Selby.

Suitable for any room or flooring type, we also offer a wide range of underlay accessories – including gripper, door bars, plates, trims, beading & more.

Roll Ends

See why people love underlay!

  • Add warm & comfort
  • Acts as insulator
  • Reduce in-room noise
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Prolong flooring lifespan
  • Strong & durable
  • Four different types
  • Big-name brands
  • Suitable for all budgets
Super comfortable range
  • Living room underlay
  • Dining room underlay
  • Conservatory underlay
  • Bedroom underlay
  • Hall, stairs & landing
  • Kitchen underlay
  • Bathroom underlay
  • Laminate floor underlay
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it’s time for new flooring?

This is completely up to you. There’s no hard or fast rule about when you should fit new flooring.

Stains, marks, scuffs, fraying, chips or worn spots are some of the most tell-tale signs of wear and tear.

Perhaps your flooring has seen better days. Or you might just fancy a change!

Whatever the reason, get a FREE quote – you might be surprised how little it could cost to give your home a mini makeover!

How much flooring will I need?

Measuring up for a new floor is a fairly simple process – and there are plenty of great online guides to show you how to do it.

For a basic estimate, treat your room as a one large square or rectangular area (even if it isn’t) and measure the two longest sides.

Multiply the two figures (E.g. 3x4=12) and this should give you a rough idea of the overall floor area you need to cover in square metres (sqm).

How much will it cost?

Once you roughly know the overall area that needs to be covered, it’s easy to work out the price of your new flooring.

Simply enter the size of your room and the price of your new floor covering (per sqm) into our ‘Flooring calculator’ and we’ll do the rest.

Or you can get an accurate fixed price quote by booking a FREE measure today!

Don’t forget, we often have special offers available in store – so we might be able to do you an even better deal. Call 01757 616355 or visit our Selby store to find out more.

Can you fit the flooring for me?

Express Flooring only ever use experienced flooring fitters for your home improvement project.

In total, our fitting team boasts more than 50 years’ collective experience – so you can trust us to transform your home from drab to fab.

If you want to arrange for your own fitter to carry out the job, that’s fine by us too – just let us know when placing your order.

How much will I pay for fitting?

To keep things simple, our fitting prices are based upon a per room basis – depending on its size in sqm.

The bigger the room, the more you pay – because it takes us longer to do the job.

In our experience, this is the fairest way to agree an affordable fitting price.

We usually charge £3 per sqm for carpet fitting – with a minimum £35 fee and £45 for a staircase.

For an average master bedroom that measures 14 sqm, expect to pay around the £40 to £45 mark.

To lay laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tiles, we charge £10 per sqm as this task requires much more care and attention.

For an average living room that measures 20 sqm, expect to pay around £200.

Do I need to uplift and remove the old flooring?

If you’re fit and able to lift and dispose of your old carpet or flooring, it will save you money because our fitters will need to spend less time at your property.

But if this is too much trouble for you, there’s no need to worry.

We can take the stress and hassle out of getting rid of your old flooring by removing it and disposing of it on your behalf.

Just let us know what assistance you’ll need when placing your order and we’ll do our best to help.

Do I need to move my furniture?

Obviously, this depends on whether you’re fit and able to do so.

If you can move the furniture yourself, you’ll save money – because you’re making the fitters’ job quicker and easier.

However, if this is too much trouble (for any reason), we can arrange for the fitters to move it and put it back for you.

You’ll have to pay a little bit more for this service, but we offer it to help make your life easier.

Just let us know if you’ll need any assistance when placing your order and we’ll do our best to come up with a suitable solution.

Do I have to pay the fitters directly?

Paying the fitters directly (usually in cash) has become standard industry practice in recent years.

The reason for this is so you can inspect the quality of their work and only pay once you are happy with the standard of finish. Should any issues arise, they can be resolved there and then, without the need for the fitters to make another visit.

Whilst we would prefer you to pay the fitters directly, you don’t have to. We are happy for you to pay us for your flooring and fitting if it suits you better.

Express Flooring is happy to accept all major debit and credit cards or cash.

No matter which way you prefer to pay, we are 100% responsible for the quality of the carpet and workmanship you receive.

If you’re not happy for any reason, you would deal directly with us and we would do everything we can to ensure any problems are resolved.

Can you get rid of my old flooring?

If you need us to dispose of your old carpet or flooring, we can arrange this for you – no problem.

Our experienced fitters enjoy helping you transform your home and will be happy to help in any way they can - especially if there’s anything that’s worrying you.

When placing your order, let us know what assistance you need and we’ll try to find a solution that suits you.

Do you offer flexible ways to pay?

Express Flooring happily accepts cash or all major debit and credit cards.

Most customers pay for their flooring in full up front. But we are also willing to accept a deposit to hold a carpet for an agreed period of time.

If required, we can also introduce you to Snap Finance, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference Number 741813).

Snap Finance loans come with 15 weeks interest free pay off. Pay the full amount back in 15 weeks and there’s no interest to pay.

When using Snap Finance loans, you must confirm the interest free pay off period with us before taking out your loan.

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